YouTube Episode II – “Happy to Argue”

Youtube EPISODE II: “Happy to Argue”

Youtube Episode II: Happy to Argue. Le'Veon Bell! NFLPA! The Defenders! Beer! Cicerones! And More!
Many beers died to bring you this information.

We’re back with a tag-team podcast! This week on the Youtubes, Alex and D.T. tackle myriad subjects. These Le’Veon Bell, cicerones (beer sommeliers), NFL private investigators somehow being better at their jobs than police, and more!

It’s a long one, so pour a beer, strap on an adult diaper, and jump in!

Also, we’ve got a request for you, dear reader/viewer. We’re going to start a new series where we view classic films and their remakes. We’re kicking things off with Ocean’s Eleven (Rat Pack vs Soderbergh), and we want YOU to pick the next combo! So do that thing! And then we’ll do the thing! And the thing-doing will be a collaborative effort!

Tell us what to watch in the comments below, or do it on the FORUMS!

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