The Nintendo LABO. Yeah…

This week, Nintendo announced the LABO.

And… what is the LABO? Well, you see, it’s a piece of cardboard for which you pay $70. Then you tear out all the perforated pieces, fold it all up, hook a bunch of rubber bands and strings and shit, put your Nintendo Switch Joy Cons into it, and… do the thing. You know, the thing.

nintendo labo switch carboard controller
Pictured: doin’ the thing.

Look, the best way to explain is to probably watch our latest video.

So, if you still can’t make heads or tails of this thing, it’s a DIY controller made of cardboard that’s made to work with games that probably no one but Nintendo will ever try to make. The technology is certainly very cool, but what sort of long-term applications (or relevancy) can we expect out of it? It’s pretty much impossible to tell. If we’re lucky, indie developers will jump on this and make all kinds of wacky stuff.

Plus, it’s difficult to tell who this is meant for.

Grown-ups aren’t likely (and are too lazy) to put on a cardboard robot suit to play a video game. The peripherals are clearly very complex and too much for small children to construct. What’s more, the things are made of cardboard, which mean they’ll have a very short shelf life — too short for a $70 price tag. So right now, what it seems Nintendo has on its hands is a very cute idea that’ll probably take another supply and demand problem for it to catch fire.

Catch fire – get it? Because it’s cardboard. I hope these things are recyclable and made from recycled materials. Maybe they used old Wii-U boxes to make these things.

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