“Who Wants to Suck an L?” – NFL Week 13

The NFL has lost it’s goddamned mind.

Last week, we saw more fights, more nonsense and the inexplicable benching of Eli Manning. We cover it all, and also tell you who to put your money on this week in the NFL.

There’s actually some decent match-ups this week, not least of all is our game of the week: Saints vs. Panthers. The two NFC South powerhouses square off to claim the top spot in the division, much to our delight! Other highlights this week include Colts vs. Jaguars, Niners vs. Bears and… no, we’re kidding. Watch the video to see which games are good, and which are good for beer runs.

And we’ve also got a bonus video for you this week!

We get a little more in-depth regarding the Eli Manning / Ben McAdoo situation…

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