What if ALL Netflix Was Choose Your Own Adventure?

Netflix recently released an interactive Choose Your Own Adventure program, and it got me thinking…

This Spring, Netflix released Buddy Thunderstruck, a new series with an interesting premise: using your controller or remote, you can choose the next chapter in the story. Do you want Buddy Thunderstruck and his friend whose name completely escapes me to jump some canyon or whatever in their truck? Or do you want them to do it blindfolded? Now, the show itself is not remarkable at all. It’s neither funny nor entertaining, but the idea got me thinking. What if all Netflix original content was choose your on adventure?

What if all original Netflix content was choose your own adventure?
Unless you’ve got small children, skip Buddy Thunderstruck.

Think of the possibilities. Imagine what Netflix could accomplish with this idea, and what we the viewers could do to enhance our own experience!

What if all Netflix original content was choose your own adventure?
Holy shit, we’re really on to something here.

The world is already a better place! We’d be able to spare ourselves the agony and narcoleptic fits brought about by watching Iron Fist. The blemish on Marvel’s Cinematic Universe could be rejected, and in its place better programming could be created and published! Let’s not stop now! We need to go deeper.

What if all Netflix original content was choose your own adventure?
We have yet to find a down side.

Okay, this one’s a little bit of a cop-out, since you’re more than able to skip seasons of a show at your leisure. But what if you could just start the interesting season five with Poussey’s death (spoiler alert), skipping all the virtually inconsequential filler that was seasons three and four? Once again, our exploration into extending this feature across all of Netflix proves beneficial!

What if Netflix original content was choose your own adventure?
It just keeps on making the world better.

We love you, Will Arnett, but Flaked genuinely feels like nothing more than a vanity project with little to say and no end goal in sight. I think season two came as a surprise to everyone, and said everyone is way more interested in the recent announcements that Arrested Development is back for another season. Let’s just choose that choice on our controllers and call it good.

What if all Netflix original content was choose your own adventure?
Three seasons were seriously enough.

Remember how concise and succinct the original House of Cards was? How this remake had David Fincher on board, and felt like it was going to do the original series justice? And how it was going to be a finely-tuned political thriller and not overstay its welcome? Yeah, that’s behind us. The show’s been treading water since Frank Underwood was sworn in as President (spoiler alert). This latest season has proved that it’s time to wrap it up before the show becomes resented instead of revered.

Show some restraint, Netflix.

Netflix is in a position where their original content is wildly popular and they’re able to fund it comfortably. There’s no longer a need need to follow the network format of dragging a show on for years after its expiration date. Nor is there any excuse for throwing shit like Iron Fist out there with minimal pre-production development before rolling cameras. There are no ABC or NBC executives breathing down the necks of people, prodding them to create shows to fill the airwaves and sell advertising slots. Well, maybe there are with the Marvel shows. But, binge watching has erased the need for that mindset when creating and developing a new series. It’s time for Netflix to adopt the trends it itself has created.

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