This Mini-Keg’s About to be Everywhere

A portable keg that can be refilled in any brewery just like a growler? Sign me the hell up.

This little beast comes from Keg Smiths, and you’re about to see it everywhere. It’s a 128 ounce capacity (8 pints if you consider beers a traditional unit of measurement like I do) stainless steel keg charged with CO2 to keep whatever brew you’re carrying tap-fresh. What’s more is it’s small enough to outfit with a coozie to keep the beer cool while transporting it.

The Keg Smith, sporting a stylish coozie.

This is kind of fucking brilliant. Imagine loading this thing onto the back of a golf cart, sitting in the shade poolside or at the beach, or parked on your coffee table during your fantasy draft party. Resorts should be renting these out for an afternoon in lieu of drink service, or golf courses loading this baby onto the back of your cart and sending you on your merry, soon to be inebriated way.

Fore! No, wait... Eight! Eight beers in this mini keg.

We’d love to get our hands on this thing and take it for a spin. Make the rounds to all the local breweries and see how accommodating they are in regards to filling it up. See just how long the coozie keeps the beer cold during these warm summer months. At $179.99 for the premium draft model, that might be in our futures.

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