Fat Tire Belgian White (Beer Review)

For the first time in 25 years, New Belgium adds a brew to the Fat Tire family.

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Fort Collins-based New Belgium is probably most known for brewing the now iconic Fat Tire Belgian Ale. Now, after a quarter century of brewing that much-loved Amber, they’ve decided to make an addition to the family. That addition is the Fat Fire Belgian White, hitting store shelves and coolers this week.

Let’s get right into it. Beyond the fanfare, is the Belgian White a good beer?

It is. But before that, let’s take a look at the presentation. Poured into a snifter glass with an etched bottom, the Belgian White produces a finger of clean white head atop a bright, hazy wheat-colored body. Right away, the brew’s signature orange peel and coriander (cilantro) build in the beer’s bouquet. It’s crisp, clean-smelling and perfectly suited for a summer afternoon. I’d give this beer’s presentation at solid 90 out of 100.

How’s it taste, you ask?

Right off the bat, the orange peel lends itself to flavor that’s sweet, but doesn’t insist upon itself. That citrus flavor plays well with the beer’s light carbonation. The body is light, and the grassy, spicy coriander comes into play in the finish — a surprise, but a natural gradation. The American Wheat Ale Yeast, Nugget and Cascade hops build a solid body for the beer and add flavor without imposing any sort of hoppy bitterness. At a negligible 12 IBU, it’s a completely smooth and approachable — but nuanced — experience. One thing of note, however, is the slight filmy feeling left in the mouth after the finish. It’s only temporarily off-putting, though. Overall, the beer is a masterful addition to the Fat Fire family, and the experience earns another solid 90 out of 100.

Final thoughts on the Fat Tire Belgian White.

It’s a big deal for a brewery to make a new offering to their flagship brew. It’s a risky move, and one that could backfire on a brewery and set them back in the eyes of their drinkers. But, New Belgium waited a quarter century to make a move like this, and the Fat Fire Belgian White is a confident and assured beer that’s not simply strapped with the Fat Tire moniker for the sake of publicity. It’s worthy of the name, and worthy of your pint glass. It gets an overall 90 out of 100.

Have you snagged yourself a six pack of Belgian White?

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