This Beer Opener is $37

Introducing the Beer Spike.

A friend of mine clued me in this week to this interesting item, now available for sale on Mashable. Dubbed the Beer Spike, it’s a brass multi-use tool with multiple beer-related functions. Naturally, it pops off caps and pulls tabs, but it also serves several other purposes.

The beer spike claims to be the most advanced beer tool in the world.
Don’t just drink your beer, mutilate it!

Open your beer from the top. Open your beer from the sides too, I guess.

The Beer Spike’s designed to look like a railroad spike and, as such, can be used to pierce your beer can. Piercing the top of your can is meant to produce a smoother pour. Piercing the side is, well, for drinking your beer really fast. Because if you’re drinking something like Budweiser or PBR, you want to taste it as little as possible as it goes down.

So, the Beer Spike is $37

On the one hand, I kind of get it. Beer Culture is becoming a big thing. This opener has a cool, industrial design that looks great on a keychain and is definitely a conversation piece. But – and I’m not so much of an elitist to say that if you’re shotgunning beers, you’re doing wrong – if you’re into the kind of beer that warrants shotgunning, can you justify spending nearly $40 on an opener?

This beer spike beer opener is nearly $40.
Drink your beer, then punish it for not tasting better!

But I’ve already got a pocket tool.

It opens my bottles and cans, has a four-position and a two-position wrench, a knife edge, a saw blade, a screwdriver, a ruler and a keyhole chain if I want to cut myself in the leg while I walk. And you can get it one on Amazon for less than $10. So, I mean… if you really want to carry around a railroad spike everywhere you go, more power to you. And apparently lots of people are interested, because it made its initial goal on Kickstarter in two hours.

Think this opener is worth it? Want to defend PBR as a good beer?

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