Ballast Point Grunion (Beer Review)

I love me some Pale Ales and IPAs.

And San Diego’s Ballast Point produces some of the finest on the market. Their Sculpin is among my favorite, and is always in regular rotation when stocking the fridge. Though, at 7% alcohol by volume and Summer bringing record-high heat, it might be time for many to switch to a lighter brew. As delicious as the beer is, a heavy buzz isn’t always the best way to spend a weekend by the pool.

That’s where the Grunion comes in.

A lighter beer at 5.5% alcohol by volume, I wouldn’t necessary call this ale sessionable, It is, however, certainly less challenging than your average IPA. Poured from a bottle into a snifter glass, the Grunion has a rich gold coloring with a nice transparency, and produces about a finger and a half of clean white head. The combination of Calypso and American Mosaic hops immediately create a perfect Summer bouquet including citrus with just a hint of grass and malt.

How’s the beer taste?

The Grunion is actually pretty light, slightly sweet and malty up front. The Marris Otter barley and Caraplis malt create an accessible taste that might almost trick you for a second into thinking you’re not drinking a pale ale. That traditional hoppy bitterness does, however, kick in at the finish, and it’s pleasant surprise! Those who haven’t acquired the taste for IPAs and Pale Ales should find this one enjoyable, and it’s a solid gateway towards more challenging beers.

Final thoughts?

The Grunion is easily found thanks to Ballast Point’s wide distribution, so you’d do well to pick up a pack regardless of region. It’s a perfect beer to enjoy in warm weather, since it’ll satisfy your craving for a crisp hoppy taste without slowing you down with a high alcohol content.

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